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Install the OBECLMS system management classes Version3.2

Check the system before installation

Through the system.    Not through the system.

Programs needed to implement OBECLMSENG

Apache Web Server Version 2.2.4 Version of you 2
PHP version 4.3.0 or higher (No higher than 5.2.x) Version of you 5.3.29
MySQL Database version 4.1.16 or higher Version of you mysqlnd 5.0.8-dev - 20102224 - $Id: 731e5b87ba42146a687c29995d2dfd8b4e40b325 $
Mail Sever is on the alert subscription by E-mail the instructor (optional)

php configuration is necessary (php.ini)

session.auto_start Set to 0
magic_quote_runtime Set up OffENG
safe_mode Must is OffENG
file_uploads Must is OnENG
max_execution_time Set up a low of 30 or higher (recommended higher)
memory_limit Set to 40 or higher
short_open_tag Must is OnENG
disable_function Must is not ini_get, ini_set, enable_dl
post_max_size = ?M
upload_max_filesize = ?M
? Is the desired value. To post a message larger
If you want to upload file size, respectively
post_max_size Current is 64M
upload_max_filesize Current is 64M
enable_dl Must is OnENG

php extension (php.ini)

Help work on the network (Unnecessary)

php extension (php.ini)

Help in working with strings (Unnecessary but recommended open)
default_charset If you can't read "Test" set default_charset="utf-8" in php.ini

Sever you do not pass the requirements of this system
May make the system work is not complete. Please check again